SPSB Company profile

SorPat Service Broker is an Employment Candidate Agency based in Ålesund Norway. Our headhunters deliver professional employment application assistance and executive search solutions with main focus on helping job seeking candidates to apply for announced vacancies in the Scandinavian countries.

We have a mission to provide a confidential and efficient service to Nordic companies and organizations by applying to their vacancies on behalf of our candidates - by such we assist our professional employment candidates who are seeking career enhancement opportunities.

We enable the recruiting of hundreds of management professionals, technical and non technical personnel as well as skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled workers for all various fields of work that we focus on.

We are committed to offer an excellent service level to our candidates. We are passionate about getting as many employers and employees together as possible in a way that is focused on building great relations between SPSB and our candidates and possible employers. Our commitment to delivering excellent services that offer value for money is our main priority as we carry out our due dilligence.

As a young company we aim to build up an enviable reputation amongst employment candidates for providing a high quality job application service.

SPSB continues to expand our world-wide candidate data-base, develop additional services and add operating locations as we continue to extend experience, established networks, plus adhere to a true passion for the business and desire to exceed expectations.

We treat our talented employment candidates amazingly well, we have created a collaborative, professional, fun work culture and environment. Our professional service ensures that we retain and grow our healthy company client and employment candidate base.

Our wish is to enhance our job seeking application process, by focusing on strategic initiatives and identifying, attracting and ultimately placing our candidates with exceptional talent and a strong cultural fit as possible employees.

We ensure that we have the necessary knowledge and in-depth understanding to serve the needs of our candidates, whatever their industry or professional sector.